Ziza Aroma Scales

ZAS Interpretation Guide

Here at Ziza, we wanted to convey deeper meaning about each of our products with more than just words.

And so, after much consideration and discussion within the family we decided to take all our various ideas to some professional consultants here in London. It all went back and forth quite a bit, and the results of the entire process are what we call our ‘Aroma Scales’.

You’ll find that each one of our fragrances have their own unique markers on a uniform set of scales represented as visual graphic on their respective product listings.

This short article aims to help you better understand our intended meanings with each of the 5 scales, which are: Inclination, Mood, Notation, Season and Aura.

Once all 5 scales are read and understood together for any particular Ziza fragrance, the resulting interpretation can be very insightful and unique.

Please bear in mind that just as with visual arts and music, tastes in fragrances and all their components can be quite subjective.

And so, here at Ziza, we have given our own views about our scents, as well as in relation to asking over 100 people from all kinds of backgrounds.
They have all contributed to the Ziza Aroma Scales shown for each of our fragrances.

Nonetheless, there can be no absolutes in this regard. Everyone’s opinion has meaning, including yours.


An indication of where any particular fragrance sits in-between sweet and savoury.

Many of our scents bear different balances between these two states; but there are some that may sit heavily on either end of this particular scale.  The style of nectar may be in terms of different fruits, honey, caramel, blossoms or otherwise.  There are scores of different spices used within our products; such as cinnamon, saffron or nutmeg.  Aromas of all the different kinds of spices used by all cultures on our planet are employed in our selection of fragrances.


A fragrance can be calming or exciting; soothing or stimulating; at ease or flirtatious.

And we also think that an aroma can be an expression of somewhere in between these two general states that relate to so many different words.  The Ziza mood scale is a representation of the general mood of the scent itself.

And therefore, amongst all different Ziza fragrances, there are many choices of different signals you may wish emit, regardless of how you choose to comport at any given time in any given setting.


This Ziza scale can tell you in general where a particular fragrance sits between being ‘heavy’ or ‘light’.

The world of perfume in general would have us all know that for any given fragrance, there are top notes, heart (middle) notes, and base notes. There is a seemingly never-ending amount of reference and resource material on this very subject out there.

At Ziza, we thought it might be easier to express this same system in terms that mostly anyone can understand that’s synonymous with hi-fi sound. There’s the bottom end, the mids and the highs.  In this context, examples of bass notes are: cedarwood, patchouli and oak moss. Examples of mid notes are Jasmine, Peach and Ylang Ylang. Examples of treble notes in this context are: orange zest, lavender and sage.

Now please bear in mind, there may be up to 20 or more different notes in each of our fragrances; all completely non-synthetic, harvested, distilled and purified by hand.
And so we went on to think, that for any given fragrance, if we were to identify all the particular notes within the complete notation set, and then take an average of their positioning… we’d be able to give that very indication on one visual scale. Et voila!


This Ziza scale may be misunderstood upon first glance, but we feel it’s a very important aspect of our overall Aroma Scales for every Ziza fragrance.

This is a representation of the season that the scent itself represents.  It is spring, summer, autumn or winter in a little bottle.

It is by no means a suggestion by us of which season is best in which to wear the particular fragrance, since we believe there is no such thing.  And we would never presume to tell anyone such a thing!

It may very well be the start of Winter as you’re reading this, and this evening you wish to smell of Autumn.  It could be a glorious Spring morning, and you wish to smell like Summer.

We think that any particular fragrance, whether a Ziza product or by any other perfumery in the world can represent a particular season of the year: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

And just as there are 12 months of each year, and numerous days for each month, so it is that our season scale is an entire spectrum and not just 4 set markers.


At Ziza, we believe that luxury fragrances are almost magical.

They’re capable of instantly transporting us to other places and times, real or imagined.  They wield power to enable us to instantly recall deeply cherished memories… or imprint powerful new ones.  They can change our very states of conscious being within a mere second.

We’re in the craft of wanting you to be distinctly noticed; and at the very least, a Ziza fragrance is sure to entice all around you.

Some of us prefer subtlety.  Some of us prefer all out razzmatazz!

This Ziza scale, like the others, is for everyone; and it’s there to provide you with an indication of how powerful a spell you may very well end up casting on those around you.

We would like to respectfully point out that the Ziza Aroma Scales (ZAS) diagram as a whole, its contents (graphical and textual) and this written guide are lawfully the intellectual property and copyright of Ziza En Fleur Ltd, © 2019.    We assert that they are works of creativity comprised of ideas, concepts, principles and discoveries belonging to us.  No parts of our diagrams or any related text may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, digital, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior consent via written permission from us.  In all of these respects, we choose to assert all of our rights.