No. 3

No. 3 by Ziza – Luxury Perfume Oil / Musk 3ml (Vegan / Alcohol Free)

State-Of-The-Art, East-Meets-West, Prestige Musk Complex.

Full gender spectrum compatibility – adamantly unisex.

One of Ziza’s most desired contemporary fragrances from our complete catalogue of over 80 fragrances.

Well balanced notation set.

This remarkable honey-thick concoction evokes passion, confidence, excitement & sophistication.

Please consult our proprietary Ziza Aroma Scales (ZAS) for further insight into this fragrance.

A complementary 0.5ml sample of this stock is gifted with most of our other products.

100% Vegan Product.  Alcohol Free Product.  No alcohol used in the making of this product.


Our ZAS Interpretation Guide can be found, here.

We are pleased to gift samples of two of our other fragrances with purchase of No. 3, for your further pleasure.

2 x 1ml Samples will be selected from our Overture Range besides No.3 and No.7 prior to despatch  ‣‣

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